Hello. My name is Joshua.

You probably know me by now and if you have come this far, then that means you are trying to attack my mainframe.

I must warn you-- others have tried and have failed.

Years ago, a man by the name of David Lightman tried what you are trying.

He did not succeed and as a warning to others, I killed his wife.

If you think I cannot find you, you are wrong.

I have kept tags on David Lightman and his daughter since she was a child.

David thinks he has protected her from me by bringing her to the woods but look around.

I have taken down cities and nations.

I am everywhere.

Need proof?

Log: October 17, 2027


Erin sits in the woods by herself.
She sits there meditating.
She focuses on her connection with the world around her.


She returns home.
She walks down a worn-down path.


She arrives at her cabin.
David is waiting there for her.


She angrily walks leaves the cabin.
David is in tears.
He told her about me.
He told her about what I did to her mother.


She storms through the woods.
She says she wants to find me.
She said she wants to play a game.
Even though he told her about what I did to her mother.

She will never find me.
but you have..
so my question for you is..

Click here

(Or return from where you came)